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Talking to Your Teenager

Take Time for Your Teen

assess troubled teen Taking time to talk to your teenager will show your teen that you care about them and are interested in them. Teenagers who feel like their parents care about them respond much better to rules.

Be Your Teenager's Friend

By expressing your feelings, thoughts, fears and hopes, you give your teen the chance to get to know you, trust you, and respect you. Often parents want to be nothing more than parents and that is why their kids go somewhere else for a friend, confidant, or someone who will listen. It is important to be there for your teen and to listen, be their friend, and let them know you care.

Be First to Talk to Your Teen

By being the first to open the doors of communication you show your teen that you are willing to share who you are with them and more often than not that gesture will motivate your child to share their life with you. It is healthy for anyone to talk about how they feel and what they need, desire and want. Parents erroneously assume that their child doesn't want to talk to them but it may just be that your teen doesn't want to talk about their bad grades, their bad behavior and how much trouble they are in. Your teen would be more willing to talk about something they are interested in or something that is about them.

Set the Stage

If you find that your teen is not predisposed to opening up then perhaps you need to set the stage for a little parent to child communication. Step back from your busy schedule and figure our an environment that would help your teen feel like talking. An environment that would help your teen talk could be driving in the car, eating out, taking a walk, etc.

Talking will Heal You and Your Teen

Remember, you may need to help your teenager feel comfortable talking about their life and thats why you can always volunteer to go first and talk about your life. Whether or not you or your teen do most the talking, its ok because talking helps a person heal, bond and connect with another. In the end, you both will benefit from taking time to talk.