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Are you scouring the internet for a rebellious teen boot camp in the Golden State that will transform your teen? You may reckon you want to place your teen in a boot camp in California, however, there are many factors that need to be considered before sending your teen to a boot camp. We will help you locate a boot camp which will be best for helping teens from California change their lives. We can help you find the perfect location for your teen to stabilize and become familiar with the steps for successful relationships with others.

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Adolescents are Influenced by their Peers: In Bootcamp We Take Advantage of That

Often times as youths in California struggle through the storms of adolescence they become entangled in a problematic sub culture of negative friend involvement. The teenís feelings of need for acceptance drives them to make unhealthy decisions based on their friends coaxing. We use Positive Peer Culture which assigns teens the duty of helping each other. We teach them to have values instead of just forcing them to obey specific rules. Adolescents will only be as responsible as we expect them to be, so we expect great things from the teens in our program.

At times it is necessary to remove them from their present location in order to stop the negative cycle in which they find themselves.

More reason's for not keeping a defiant teen in the same area in which they have struggled are:

  • Greater desire to run away from location
  • Negative friends may attempt to frequent location of placement
  • Availability of dangerous resources such as drugs, if a student were able to leave the facility in which they were placed
This is just a small list of the potential problems and issues associated with keeping a defiant youth close to their home.

White River Academy supplies a safe therapeutic boot camp in Delta, Utah far from the negative influences which may be trapping your child in harmful cycles. Please keep an open mind as you consider the most appropriate and effective choice for your child. You may become familiar with more about White River Academy by clicking here.

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