Behavior Modification Programs

assess troubled teen One of the most effective courses of treatment for teenagers are behavior modification programs. They are designed to help the youth be able to make better choices. It can be difficult to break habits that aren’t good on your own. We have all had that type of struggle with something in our life.

Yet when it comes to major issues such as anger, substance abuse, poor self esteem, eating problems, and more, teenagers need more than willpower to get through it. The goal of any successful behavior modification program is to set the boundaries. It is to help the teenagers to be able to identify what they are doing well and what behaviors need to be changed.

The rules of the program are very clear from day one. While your child may not like them, they will have to follow them. The consequences for not following such rules will be clearly explained. They will also be enforced so that your teenager can see how this type of rewards system works. When they do what is right they get rewarded and when they don’t they lose privileges.

The specifics of any behavior modification programs are going to vary based on the teen's particular situation. For example a child that has violent outbursts that have resulted in the entire household fearing him is going to be different that the course of action for a young girl that is anorexic and still believes she is fat.

Behavior Modification Programs at White River Academy

White River Academy's behavior modification program is based on the proven Positive Peer Culture system developed by Harry Vorrath. In a nutshell, Positive Peer Culture uses the same power that brings teens down to bring them up: peer pressure.

First, it will depend on if they want to make the change or not. Some teenagers understand that there is a problem and they are willing to work to make it better. Others are going to be defiant so it will take longer to reach them with such a program. The severity of the problem is going to be a factor as well. The longer it has gone on them more intense the treatment plan with such behavior modification programs will need to be.

Evaluating progress is very important with the various behavior modification programs. That is why specific goals will be addressed for your teenager. Before they can move on to the next phase of the treatment program they will have to complete the goals for where they are. The goals are a great way to keep them motivated and moving towards completion.

The cost of a behavior modification program doesn’t have to prevent you from getting the care you want for your child. Contact your health insurance representative to see if it covers residential treatment for your teen. Also, you can qualify for low interest academic loans.

Low Cost Alternative to a Behavior Modification Program

If you can't afford to place your child in a teen treatment center, and if you can, every parent should be familiar with the principles and techniques in The Total Transformation Program. Parenting without these techniques is like trying to build a house without any tools.

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